Applications for Building Intelligence

Intelligent sensors provide property owners and tenants with high-quality data that is essential for managing buildings effectively and efficiently. Applications are diverse and go far beyond conventional lighting and building control.


Energy management

Although heating, lighting and air-conditioning account for a huge share in building costs, they are also essential elements we cannot do without. Intelligent systems reduce energy consumption to a minimum without compromising on quality or comfort – on the contrary in fact, both increase.

Indoor climate control

Intelligent technologies, for example, not only reduce energy and usage costs in the office or hotel environment. All-embracing solutions can also be used to optimise the control of parameters that influence the feel-good factor in a building.

Adaptive VOC, CO2 and temperature control systems create a pleasant indoor climate, helping to improve concentration, boost productivity and provide a healthy environment.


Room management

Particularly in buildings where rooms are shared, such as meeting rooms, planning needs to be efficient. Data collected by sensors on the presence and absence of people is essential. Innovative room booking systems, such as Flex Desk or Meeting Room Management, evaluate this data and help to enhance the way in which rooms are organised. And hoteliers also benefit from having reliable information on whether or not persons are present in their room: housekeeping and service room management can be better coordinated, guests are left undisturbed.

Floor-space management

Reliably tracking persons present also provides information about the actual use of a building: sensors detect presence and count persons in a room, regardless of whether they are moving or the position they are in. In this way, office floor space can be optimised and reduced.


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