Building Intelligence accompanies hotel guests on their journey

Digitalisation and customers’ personal wishes do not stop at hoteliers and operators of large hotel chains either, presenting them with new challenges. This is why many of them are choosing to automate hotel rooms or even entire hotel complexes. Building Intelligence provides this maximum expectation standard and, in doing so, even goes a step further: knowing whether or not hotel guests are present in their room delivers key information. It is essential for this information to be absolutely up to date.


This means that even if the hotel guest is not moving, e.g. sleeping, it should be possible to detect them. Not only can this save precious energy or heating, ventilation and air-conditioning, service personnel can work more efficiently and the hotel occupancy rate can be improved too.

Greater efficiency, comfort and convenience by digitalising the hotel room

In hotels, intelligent sensors detect which rooms or cabins guests are present in. If the guest is out, lighting and air conditioning are automatically regulated as appropriate. This can save a great deal of energy and make service faster and more efficient.


Energy saving

Intelligent sensor technology ensures that room air is only conditioned when the guest is present. In this way, the air-conditioning is only activated once the guest enters the room. This guarantees maximum energy efficiency.


True Presence® and True Presence® multisensor

The innovative sensor detects the presence of a person. Air quality can also be monitored and adjusted by means of the air-conditioning technology.


Human detection

Conventional presence detectors are not suitable for hotel rooms. Although they detect movements, they do not detect true presence. In contrast, True Presence® from STEINEL reliably detects the presence of hotel guests. Regardless of whether they are moving or not.



The service team can efficiently structure the work plan such that guests never come eye to eye with cleaning staff. The cleaning plan can also be organised around the guest’s particular habits and routine.


Tablet for service

The tablet attached to a cleaning trolley indicates the particular “room status”. As a result, housekeeping can be planned more efficiently, the guest does not perceive any disturbance and reception can provide precise information at any time on whether rooms are ready for new guests.

Smart solutions – real benefits for hoteliers and their guests


Operating efficiency for hotel management

Building Intelligence controls room temperature more accurately. In this way, the air-conditioning is only activated once the guest enters the room. This guarantees maximum energy efficiency and hotel operators save hard cash: because reducing the temperature by just 2°C translates into an energy saving of 12 percent.


Higher quality in reception and service

Which room is available, which room is still occupied? Knowing precisely this provides a key to saving time and human resources. Intelligent sensors analyse room status and pass this information on to a tablet attached to the cleaning trolley. This leaves housekeeping flowing more smoothly and prevents guests from feeling uncomfortable. Reception always knows which room has already been cleaned and is ready for new guests.


More comfort for hotel guests

Sensors measure and regulate humidity, CO2 and volatile organic compounds (VOC) and detect the presence or absence of a guest in real time. As a result, hotel guests get a healthy room climate and spend a relaxed stay without any disturbance.

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