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Maximising home comfort and convenience while minimising energy costs

Courtyards, corridors, stairwells: constantly illuminating areas like these is an outright drain on costs when it comes to the running of residential property. Intelligent sensors provide better need-based control: they reliably detect human presence and increase power output the moment it is really needed.


Using high-frequency sensors, they also detect cars, efficiently illuminating entrances to underground and outdoor car parks. When things are quiet, lighting goes into a dimming mode that uses just a low amount of energy. For the operators of a residential complex, this means noticeable energy savings – for residents, optimum visibility and a greater sense of security.

Sensor-switched lights – Interconnected intelligence

The STEINEL “Connected Lighting” solution for residential complexes minimises running costs for the owner while at the same time providing maximum comfort and safety for residents – as well as efficient lighting from LED technology and sensor systems.


Lighting that looks ahead

Unlit or poorly illuminated access paths and driveways are frequently the cause of accidents. With optimum illumination, vandalism and break-ins are also less likely than for buildings half-shrouded in darkness.


Controlling and setting up lighting via STEINEL Smart Remote app

The LED transformation, increasing digitalisation as well as connectivity are changing the lighting market. Today, lights are interconnected without cables. This means they can be quickly started up and re-configured.


Intelligent sensors and sensor-switched lights

Lighting is controlled in response to detected movements and the level of ambient light measured. Areas in which nobody is present are illuminated at a basic light level of 10 – 50%.



Sensors and sensor-switched lights are perfectly interconnected without cables and can be controlled via app with effortless ease. The lights are interconnected via Bluetooth, making group configuration extremely easy. The integrated neighbouring-light function conveniently lights the way ahead.


Light only when it is needed

On-demand lighting in basements and storerooms can be controlled by using presence detectors or provided by lights with a built-in sensor.


Saves costs

Garages, carports and car parks have great energy-saving potential because lighting is only needed sporadically. High-frequency technology lets the sensors detect movements, providing maximum operating reliability. STEINEL solutions are a combination of sensor technology, wireless connectivity and the very latest LED technology.


Providing more safety and security

Having the right lighting outside of buildings is extremely important. It provides the necessary safety and security when it is dark. Sensor-switched lights switch on in response to movement and then switch off again.

Smart solutions – Benefits

On-demand lighting control makes efficient use of energy, lowering running costs for property owners. At the same time, building users are given an enhanced sense of security and comfort: corridors, paths and the stairwell are fully illuminated before they have even entered the property.


Wireless interconnection also simplifies installation and adjustments. Vandalism can also be prevented by a well-illuminated property.

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