Energy and sustainability

Buildings are currently using too much energy. Particularly in times of Fridays for Future and corporate social responsibility, property owners and entrepreneurs bear a responsibility to make their buildings as resource-friendly as possible.

This is where sensitive sensors provide the best possible solution: they can identify with absolute certainty and precision when and the extent to which rooms are being used. In this way, they remove the need for stay-ON times for heating, lighting and air-conditioning systems. As a result, energy is only used when it is needed – guaranteeing efficient energy management.

Reducing energy consumption


Sustainability is giving businesses more and more of a competitive edge. Looking at the environment, we must rethink rigid and conventional construction methods and pave the way towards a future that uses energy more efficiently and does more to conserve resources. Building-intelligence solutions produce smart buildings that consume less energy and generate less CO2. The key elements are sensitive sensors that make decisions by themselves, providing the optimum balance between energy consumption and a comfortable atmosphere in a room.

Saving costs


Heating on, window open, light on, light off: controlling temperature and lighting manually can quickly push costs sky high. An autonomous building that controls these factors on the basis of intelligent algorithms reduces costs many times over. The key to this is to use high-precision, sensitive sensor systems. Intelligent sensors, for instance, can detect with absolute reliability whether and how many people are in a room at any one time and, in this way, match temperature and lighting even more closely to actual demand – without costly stay-ON times.

On the way to a greener future


Among other capabilities, Building Intelligence perfectly matches lighting and temperature to actual need, making commercial spaces more energy-efficient. Because a temperature reduction of just 2°C translates into an energy saving of 12 percent. Making buildings intelligent also means helping to shape a resource-friendlier future.

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The building is becoming intelligent

Increasingly, autonomous systems are being used for building control: buildings integrate intelligent technology as well as the Internet of Things, breaking with conventional building management system structures.


Comfort and safety

Comfort and safety are things we have always associated with buildings. If a building knows where and how many people are present in a room, even if they are not moving, it is possible to devise whole new scenarios.

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