The intelligent multi-storey car park

Combating high energy costs and dark corners

Both exist: parking areas extravagantly illuminated in bright light 24 hours a day, and discomforting underground car parks that leave us groping around in semi-darkness. But modern technologies have long been ready to strike a balance between low energy consumption and optimum visibility – bright light is always provided exactly where it is needed: intelligent sensors detect the movement of people and cars and, in this way, provide a brightly lit space even before visitors have entered the building.


When no one is there any more, the light is dimmed or switches off completely. Consequently, Building Intelligence virtually eliminates the most cost-intensive part of a multi-storey car park, reducing it by as much as 90 percent. It leaves its visitors feeling at ease and gives them the sense of security they expect.

The intelligent multi-storey car park – High lighting quality, low costs

Illuminating car parks can be expensive if light needs to be provided 24/7. The RS PRO Connect 5100 LED linear light and the lights from the R series can be used to create a wireless LED lighting system that saves energy with presence detection capability and wireless connectivity via Bluetooth for setting up lighting zones.


When the system detects pedestrians or cars, the way ahead of them is illuminated at full output. When movement is no longer detected, illumination either dims to a courtesy light level or switches off completely. This means there is always sufficient light wherever it is needed. A well-lit multi-storey car park conveys a sense of security and looks more attractive from the outside.

Building-Intelligence-Parking Solutions-Kostenersparnis-Steinel

Maximum cost saving

Energy-efficient LEDs and intelligent control technology reduce energy consumption. This saves up to 90 percent of everyday running costs.

Building-Intelligence-Parking Solutions-Intelligente Sensoren-Steinel

Intelligent sensors and sensor-switched lights

Lighting switches on in response to detected movements and the level of ambient light measured. Areas in which nobody is present are illuminated at a basic light level of 10 to 50 percent.

Fast installation and commissioning

Wireless connectivity reduces installation work and makes planning easier and more flexible. An app is used for selecting the appropriate settings (e.g. dimming level) and group interconnection.

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Sense of security guaranteed

A dark multi-storey car park or stairwell is rarely inviting. This problem is resolved with the courtesy-light function provided by the RS PRO Connect 5100 and the R series. When no one is present, the STEINEL solution still provides dimmed light as a way of saving energy while at the same time making visitors feel safe and comfortable.

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Light leads the way via swarm function

When vehicles or people move through the multi-storey car park, the lighting ahead of them is activated at full output. When movement is no longer detected, light is dimmed or switched off after a specific period.

Smart solutions – Real benefits for multi-storey car park operators and visitors


Multi-storey car park operators

Operators of multi-storey car parks benefit from the combination of efficient LED lights, their Bluetooth interconnection and integrated high-frequency sensors that instantly detect movements. This provides situation-friendly lighting control around the clock, reducing energy costs to a minimum.

Multi-storey car park visitors

A well-lit multi-storey car park looks more attractive to car-park users than dark ones do. The Bluetooth-connected lights communicate with each other and, on this basis, illuminate the next stairwell level even before the guest has arrived. Maximum convenience and a sense of security guaranteed.

Intelligent lighting in Heuried multi-storey car park, Zurich

The example of the Heuried multi-storey car park shows that installing intelligent lighting really does lower costs: modernising the multi-storey car park reduced energy costs by 92 percent – even though the car park was already on the cutting edge in the pre-LED era before it was fitted out with intelligent technology. This is where the combination of Bluetooth connectivity, efficient LED lighting and integrated HF sensor technology is the key to success.


They permit a minimal stay-ON time of one minute and dim to basic light level as soon as no one is left in the car park. On top of all this: the luminance and light distribution of the new lighting are visibly better than they were with the previous set-up.

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