Comfort and safety

Comfort and safety are qualities we have always associated with buildings. It is therefore the duty of property owners and employers to guarantee this basic expectation for those who use their buildings. Because studies show that we spend some 90 percent of our time indoors. Every place has its very own demands which vary depending on what it is used for. In offices, for example, we want to work effectively and maximise our thinking power and creativity, whereas in hotels we seek relaxation and well-being, and in multi-storey car parks and corridors we want to feel safe.

To accommodate these specific situations, intelligent sensors not only help to optimise the use of floor space but also create a pleasant environment. The result: an enhanced sense of well-being and security.

Optimum feel-good climate


Building Intelligence not only provides the capability of organising rooms more smoothly but also uses presence detection to control heating, lighting and air-conditioning in line with demand. The sensors also measure humidity, CO2 and volatile organic compounds (VOC). As a result, staff, customers, visitors and residents experience an indoor climate that is perfectly matched to provide a productive and healthy environment.

Accompanied by light

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Dark corners in underground or multi-storey car parks and corridors cause uneasiness, round-the-clock lighting exploding energy costs. Sensors integrated into lights provide the right amount of light at the right place. If a car or a person moves, the lighting switches to full output. Interconnected via Bluetooth, they brightly illuminate the way ahead. When people leave again, the lighting dims again automatically.

Building Intelligence as a competitive edge


In times when sustainability is a top priority, Building Intelligence gives entrepreneurs and property owners a competitive edge. By interacting with its users, learning from and adapting to them, it does much to create a sense of satisfaction among members of staff and guests alike.

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The building is becoming intelligent

Communication is important – not only with our fellow human beings. Intelligence in buildings also makes it possible for rooms to interact with us too and adapt to our needs. Figuratively speaking, the core element here comes in the form of building sensory organs, i.e. sensors that keep an eye on the actual individual as well as on his or her surroundings and living conditions.


Energy and sustainability

Particularly in times of corporate social responsibility, entrepreneurs need to think about their approach to building management and how to conserve energy and the environment by playing an active part. Because buildings are still wasting too much energy. Building Intelligence uses and controls light, temperature and floor space even more closely in line with demand.

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